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Crowdsourced Compensation Data: Do We Trust It? & High Performance Energy Management: Improve Wellbeing, Improve Productivity

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Crowdsourced Compensation Data: Do We Trust It?

LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other social media sites have recently launched platforms for users to submit and research compensation data for both current and potential roles in the market. Compensation professionals must remain informed of compensation data trends and the sources employees, managers and HR business partners are exposed to. This session will explore the emergence of crowdsourced compensation data and the methodologies used by major suppliers of this information. Attendees will be equipped with tools to navigate effectively the introduction of new data sources into conversations around pay equity as well as how to identify sources that should not be used.

Jeremy Spake’s experience ranges both as a business leader and consultant in compensation, mergers & acquisitions, workforce analytics, and strategic planning. Areas of focus have included change initiatives in compensation planning; short & long-term incentive plan design; market intelligence, merit budgeting & salary structure development; executive change-in-control, retention & severance planning; HRIS systems integration; optimization of compensation strategies via technology solutions. 

High Performance Energy Management

Participants will learn to better understand how to increase organizational productivity as well as increase employee wellbeing through Energy Management. In this presentation you will discover how: Rather than working long, concentrated hours, your brain functions at a higher capacity when you work in “pulses” or intervals. Great athletes learn to completely rest and renew and our personal, team and organizational productivity functions in the same way. Our brain is more productive when we give ourselves time to be creative. Our emotions, connection to others and sense of security are important indicators of productivity. This presentation is highly interactive, with lots of audience participation. Walk away with simple, sustainable rituals for yourself and your team.

Ruth Schwartz spent 25 years in the music industry and built a $10M distribution company called Mordam Records. Today, Ruth is an ICF certified PCC Executive and business leadership coach, motivational speaker, and author of the book, The Key to the Golden Handcuffs: Stop Being a Slave to Your Business. She owns High Performance Advocates, a management and leadership development company, is certified in over four assessment sciences and is the creator of the Fail Proof Hiring Program



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The Velocity of Economic Expansion and Compensation in Southern Idaho

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Craig Shaul, from the Idaho Department of Labor, and Richard Bonney, CEO of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce, will share insights on the rapid economic expansion in Southern Idaho and the potential impacts on compensation. 

Idaho’s economy has grown substantially over the past few years. Currently, its primary challenge is the supply of workers with the right skills to fuel its appetite and velocity of economic expansion. Southwest Idaho has been the key driver in this growth. How has it fared during this time and what has been the effect on wages and incomes? We will examine the most recent data from the Idaho Department of Labor, Bureau of Economic Analysis and other sources to answer this question. 

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Legal and Tax Reform Updates

We welcomed back Pam Howland of Idaho Employment Lawyers, PLLC.

Pam’s presentation explored hot employment law topics for 2017-2018, including the current status of LGBT rights in the workplace, new anti-discrimination and anti-harassment guidelines for employers in the wake of the #MeToo movement, the latest on wage and hour issues, and other employment law issues in flux as a result of the relatively new Trump administration and changing social norms.

Pam’s presentation was followed by an informative session by Kelly Madison on recent Tax Reform.

Kelly provided an overview of the recent Tax Reform changes and the impact to employee benefit plans including:

• FMLA - New Tax Credit available for qualified employers

•  ACA - Affordable Care Act - Repeal of the individual mandate and why employers should care

• Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits

•  DOL Proposed Association Health Plans (AHPs) for Small Business

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The High Impact of Emotions at Work

Presented by Dr. Jonathan Shipley

We learned more about the impact of emotions at work, both in how emotions impact you in your role and how the work of compensation and benefits may impact an employee's emotions. As the American economy becomes more dependent on the service industry, these issue are becoming increasingly relevant and it is important that we find ways to talk about the emotional side of employment.

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Fall Workshop

The C-Suite and HR: Partnering with Finance

The how-to and benefits of partnering with finance was presented through an expert panel discussion with Greg Donaca, CFO of Delta Dental of Idaho; Kevin Bates, CFO of BPA Health; and Lesley Major, President and CEO of The Office Staff.

Many of us have experienced labor and benefits as our company’s largest expense. Therefore, it makes sense for HR to collaborate with finance in day-to-day and strategic decisions for the company. This panel provided the CFO perspective on what HR can do to take full advantage of this collaboration. 

HR Analytics 101

Joe Dewitt, Director of Workforce Analytics at Micron, highlighted Micron’s journey in people analytics from operational reporting to predictive analytics, while sharing the basics of utilizing analytics and answering questions regarding analytics.

The role of human resources is going through a major shift. Executives look to HR to drive employee-centered processes and environments, and value-based cultures. People analytics is becoming increasingly important to measure progress towards these goals. Analytics can help answers questions, such as: Where are we falling short and where would we like to improve? Are we having trouble attracting new hires? Are we making progress towards our goal to develop more female leaders? Bring your questions about how analytics can benefit your organization.

Concierge Medicine: Direct Primary Care - What is it?

Panel discussion with Andrea Axtell, MD, Alliance Concierge Care; Richard Johnson, COO of Pingman Tools; and Dr. Mark Grajcar, Initial Point Assured, Direct Primary Care.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a relatively new concept in health care that is gaining traction in the Treasure Valley. DPC restores the time-honored patient-physician relationship. Physicians spend more time with each patient, communicate directly with their patients, and may offer weekend appointments. The patient or employer pays an annual fee to the doctor in return for more personalized care, typically combining much of the primary care services into one affordable, flat-fee package. DPC Is not a substitute for health insurance, but rather a complement to major medical plans, particularly HSAs. It can lower utilization costs in an employer medical plan, while providing comprehensive and personalized healthcare to the employee.

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Evolving LGBT Rights in the Workplace and other Legal Updates

Hawley Troxell employment lawyers, John Ashby and Cydni Waldner, presented an informative discussion on the evolving legal landscape of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in the workplace.  Topics included best practices for internal policies, recent court decisions, new government agency rules, compensation and benefits issues and guidance and practical tips for navigating LGBT issues in the workplace.   

John and Cydni also discussed other recent legal developments that affect both compensation specialists and HR generalists, including an update on the Affordable Care Act and other proposed legislation affecting employers.

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Is the Temperature Rising? What to Expect in Labor Markets.

This lively presentation brought together a variety of big-picture economic data, including historic patterns in Gross Domestic Product growth, Unemployment Rates, and Labor Force Participation Rates, to place compensation survey market data within helpful perspective.  Dynamic changes in US-wide, as well as Idaho-specific, data will be examined covering a period of many years, as well as recent months.  The result will be some suggestions as to what employers may be facing regarding labor inflation in the months and years to come – and it probably won’t be just more of what we have been accustomed to seeing in recent years.

The presenter was Steve Treder, Senior Vice President with Western Management Group (WMG).  WMG is a trusted provider of compensation and benefits surveys.  Steve brings more than three decades of experience in the fields of compensation analysis and compensation surveys.

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